Welcome to The Blue Door

They say opposites attract, we didn’t really have a choice. A wanderer, with a wild soul that loves adventures and is willing to jump off mountains just because she lives off the adrenaline rush. Her dream is to travel the world and try out every adventure out there; fearless. & a bohemian soul that lives behind her canvas and paint brushes and wouldn’t even take the risk of taking two steps at a time off a stair-case. Her dream is to hunt history and art and live forever behind her books and canvases; cautious. A cautious soul with and an adrenaline addict. That’s who we are. - The Wanderer & The Bohemian.

They shared; the love for the smell of old books. L, that bohemian soul, grew up reading all kind of books, from The New Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley to Mein Kampf. Whereas, F The Wanderer, known as the rebellion used to read what is not accepted in their culture; شعر نزار قباني في الغزل that is what you will find if you looked under her sheets or in the history of her Internet explorer.

Growing up reading different kinds of books, visiting all kinds of bookstores, hunting for bookstores in different countries “while their mama is MAD”! they settled for the unusual for the things that are rare, hard to find, and not easy to get. And from there, their love story for Arabic literature started! A love story that comes from old shelves in old neighborhoods with a black cat roaming around and the smell of cheap cigarettes burning. A love story that is hard to find in this century. It’s a feeling, a feeling that they wanted to share at their new home “The Blue Door” and that was the first element they shared. Do you feel it?

Not all those who wander are lost, they say. That was particularly true when I was a little girl, starting to fall in love with what will later become my passion in life. In my flowy skirts and dresses, I would always lose myself in the beauty of flowers and enjoyed being in fields with very high trees. F, by my side, forced to wear a skirt as well but she styled it up with an over-sized jacket and sneakers. As much as I was mesmerized by the beauty of flowers I wouldn’t dare look up to places I cannot reach & the more I fell in love with a flower the more F wanted to climb up trees to grab them for me.

In moments like these, we both fed our souls. I would get the flowers that I would eventually dry between the papers of my books and she gets to climb trees and jump off them to feed her adrenaline. Eventually, flowers fed both our souls and eventually we fell in love with the beauty of flowers and floristry. The Bohemian, L.

I remember having a sip of my first cup of coffee; it was an iced coffee with milk, sugar, syrups, cream, chocolate, and plenty of colors! I felt so cool! I called myself an addict of caffeine! And looked for places with more sugary colorful drinks that had a 1 milligram of coffee to be the next coolest coffee addict in the community. Whereas L, was a grandma from a very young age! You would see her sipping قهوه عربية with our grandma and her friends, laughing at their jokes and having conversations that didn’t interest me at all. However, we both shared the love of studying. Studying in school, doing our Bachelors and then studying for my Masters degree. The love and passion for studying led us to hunt for the coziest places where we can study for hours, & having to stay late to study and then work in the morning introduced us to that dark beauty; a cup of “espresso”. So the hunt started, we always looked for places with sofas, good music, good lighting, homey interior, and most importantly a good cup of coffee! - The Wanderer F.

It all started with a dream, a dream that two sisters shared and wanted to bring to life. We wanted a place we could gather the only three things we love in common; books, coffee & flowers. In a winter evening in 2017; we passed by @amayaplaza.dxb and accidentally saw an AD that they're renting out spaces, we decided to give it a try and called the owner, he answered immediately and asked us to pass by to discuss the details. Details that were extremely vague and were just a bunch of ideas and dreams. However we were able to deliver the message of our tiny dream and the owner was very impressed. We left the office and the corridors were filled with our laugher as we thought it was just a dream and it could never come true. We felt really stupid. A year passed and in March 10, 2018; we were able to share something that was just a dream to you, our beloved Costumers. This post is dedicated to everyone that was involved in creating this dream, our friends and family & people that eventually became a part of The Blue Door family; @eleganza.design : thank you for sticking around & for the beautiful interior design @alamwajfurniture93 thank you for taking this project and bringing our dream home to life in such short notice @nuha.alm our creative designer, thank you for understanding our difficult minds and last but not least @printavenueuae thank you for bringing our beautiful branding to life. Thank you for each family member and friend that was always supportive and always there. You're the reason we brought this beautiful project to life